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CuddleCare is a family business with over 40 years of experience training and caring for a wide variety of animals and pets. We have competitive rates and a qualified Vet Tech with over 14 years experience in our family business. And our services include much more than pet sitting at no additional cost, for more information click the Services link.

In home pet care offers a better alternative to kenneling or boarding. Studies show that pets are happier and healthier at home when you're away, allowing your pets to remain in familiar surroundings without disrupting their daily routine.

Free consultation for new clients – meet your care providers and help your pets get to know us.

Providing Pearland and surrounding areas with quality pet care and pet sitting service since 1999. When it comes to pet sitting give your pets the very best call CuddleCare.

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Cuddle Care Pet Gallery

Here's a small sampling and examples of the various critters we have cared for. Our pet sitting services include a wide range of animals from the normal everyday domestic pets, fish and birds to exotics and more. For additional information and pricing, click the Services link, to find out more about us, click the About Us link.

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